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Dry Matter Basis Calculator

Easily calculate the Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrates in the foods you are comparing. You can check any value that is listed as a percentage. Dry Matter Basis (DMB or DM) removes the water from the equation. When foods are considered on a dry matter basis, they can be directly compared to one another. In other words, a canned food with 78% water can now be compared to a dry food that contains 11% water or two wet foods with different amounts of moisture.

The following online calculator calculates the DMB. Use the Guaranteed Analysis Values or the As Fed (Served) Values, but remain consistent. Remember that the Guaranteed Analysis Values are minimums and maximums, meaning for example, if fat is listed as a minimum 6%, it may actually have more, such as 11%. Therefore, the results you get may not be close to the actual values of the food. For more precise results, check the company's website or contact them for the As Fed Values.


When entering a value, if it is less than 1 but greater than 0, use a leading zero.
Enter 0.35 instead of .35.


% Moisture

% Ingredient Value




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